Where’s the Bridge: Epistemology and Epistemic Logic (with Vincent Hendricks) in “Philosophical Studies” Vol. 128, No. 1 2006 pp. 137-167

  Epistemic logic begins with the recognition that our everyday talk about knowing and believing has some systematic features that we can track and reflect upon. Epistemic logicians have studied and extended these glints of systematic structure in fascinating and important ways since the early 1960s. However, for one reason or another,mainstream epistemologists have shown […]

Systems of Visual Identification: Lessons from Epistemic Logic (with Jaakko Hintikka) in Philosophy of Science 70: 89-104, 2003

This paper shows how developments in epistemic logic can play a nontrivial role in cognitive neuroscience. We argue that the striking correspondence between two modes of identification, as distinguished in the epistemic context, and two cognitive systems distinguished by neuroscientific investigation of the visual system (the “where” and “what” systems) is not coincidental, and that […]